Five Places to Catch Spectacular Beach Sunsets in Venice

August 22, 2022

For many people, one of the best parts of going to the beach is being able to relish in incredible sunsets unobstructed by any buildings or natural landmarks. The beach is the ideal place to take pictures of the vibrant oranges and pinks that color the sky as the sun sets over the ocean or just enjoy the moment and take in the natural beauty of it all. Venice Beach real estate is on the gorgeous and serene west coast of the United States – just west of Los Angeles – which means it has a front-row seat to these spectacular sunsets.

Just north of Venice Beach, the land extends west into the mountains, which during summer may obstruct views of the sunset, but the incredible scenery from the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area creates an equally beautiful backdrop for taking pictures of the sunset. During most of the year, however, the sun sets at least slightly to the southwest – exactly the direction Venice Beach faces, allowing for awesome vistas of sunsets over the ocean horizon. The beaches in and around Venice are just all-around great places to enjoy some time outdoors.

If you’re eyeing one of the stunning Venice Beach luxury homes on the market, you might want some tips on where to go for the most incredible sunset scenes you can imagine. Here are five places to enjoy watching a fantastic Venice Beach sunset.

Playa Del Rey Beach

Just south of Venice Beach, on the other side of Marina Del Rey, is the Playa Del Rey Beach. What makes this such a great place to watch the sunset is that it’s a little bit quieter than Venice Beach, which is a very popular tourist destination. Here, you’ll also find the Playa Del Rey Beach Bike Path, which is open 24 hours per day. Whether you’re an avid bike rider or someone who just wants to stretch their legs after a long day of work, why not do it in a place as beautiful as a southern California beach? Go during sunset to watch as the sky transforms into an array of beautiful colors and the weather cools off, allowing for more comfortable conditions for some exercise under the gorgeous skies.

Seaside restaurants

Photo courtesy of Unsplash
There are plenty of restaurants in the area that take advantage of their beachside location and have patios facing the ocean, making for a beautiful backdrop for a meal. There are a couple of restaurants in Marina Del Rey that are right on the water and face directly west. One of these is Whiskey Red’s, with an outdoor patio with an awesome view of all the yachts in Marina Del Rey. It’s a mostly casual but still delicious dining experience that takes advantage of its fantastic location by making use of fresh seafood. Start your meal with an appetizer of ahi tuna poke before an entree of crispy Mahi Mahi tacos. They also have an assortment of specialty cocktails and serve an a la carte brunch.

Just up the street from Whiskey Red’s, and featuring similar views of the marina, is an Italian fine dining experience at Sapori Italian Restaurant. They have a classic Italian menu with a long list of pasta dishes, and the chef has a daily special of spaghetti. The wine list is extensive, and if you’re seated on the patio, that might be the perfect place to enjoy a glass as you watch the sunset under the horizon.

Ocean View Park

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock
Ocean View Park is just north of Venice Beach and just a bit inland, across the street. This park has many of the same Pacific views as the beach, as you might’ve guessed from the name, but it’s a more traditional park with grassy areas, a basketball court, and six tennis courts. Maybe you want to find a place to watch the sunset but you’re not a huge fan of finding a spot at the beach and then discovering sand in your shoe days later. This would definitely be the spot for you. It has all the views of the beach, palm trees included.

South Beach Park Playground

This is a small park
just across the street from Ocean View Park on the same side as the beach. If you have kids, then this is the perfect place to watch the sunset, because they can play on the playground as you marvel at the scenery surrounding you. It’s also a good place for a picnic, as this park has an assortment of tables to enjoy a meal on.

Venice Beach Boardwalk

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock
The Venice Beach Boardwalk is always a lively place near the beach, no matter what time of the day you go. The boardwalk is lined with unique retail boutiques and eateries on one side and has the coastline on the other. If you’re out for a day at the beach but need a break from wading in the ocean or laying on a towel and need to stretch your legs, then the boardwalk is the place to go.

Buying in Venice

Venice Beach is an oasis of gorgeous coastline, unique restaurants and boutique shops, soaring palm trees, relaxed beachy vibes, and temperate weather all year-round. Plus, with its convenient location near an array of other coastal spots plus an easy drive over to the amenities of Los Angeles, Venice real estate has plenty to offer. Coastal real estate is automatically more valuable than their counterparts farther inland, and the fact that Venice Beach is so close to commercial beaches – the kinds of places where people would like to spend vacations – elevates its long-term value even further.

If you’re ready to end all your days with an incredible Venice Beach sunset on the horizon, reach out to the Campbell Wellman real estate team for expert guidance in finding your new home. Let Campbell Wellman Properties be your guide to the gorgeous beachfront properties in this sunny paradise.

*Header photo courtesy of Unsplash

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