Selling Your Home in Venice? Here Are the Amenities Buyers Want

June 28, 2022

Selling Your Home in Venice? Here Are the Amenities Buyers Want

If you’re interested in listing your Venice real estate for sale, it’s important to consider the amenities your home can offer potential luxury buyers. Anything that can increase the value of your property is worth shining a light on, and you should never ignore the opportunity to upgrade or enhance your Venice home before listing it on the market.
In general, the Venice real estate market is filled with buyers searching for luxury amenities that many homeowners already have. From basic features like high-quality kitchen appliances to home offices, gyms, and outdoor kitchens, there are some amenities that are sure to garner more attention among potential buyers.
Below are some of the most in-demand amenities for Venice homes for sale in 2022.

Indoor comforts

Some features are essential for the modern home buyer. If you’re listing a Venice home for sale, then you may want to consider some basic indoor amenities, including an upgraded kitchen, spa-like bathroom, and a designated home office.

Finishes and materials

When investing in Venice homes for sale, many buyers are looking for move-in-ready properties that are built to last. This is where finishes and materials become essential. No matter the price, many home buyers will gladly pay a little extra for a higher-quality home. After all, quality is one of the most important aspects to consider when investing in Venice homes for sale, as it is connected to the future value of the investment. Know what buyers in your price range expect out of a home, and use that information to decide what upgrades you should make.

Accessory spaces

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A modern home in today’s market doesn’t just include bedrooms, bathrooms, and a single kitchen. Many homebuyers desire more space for bonus rooms such as dens, theaters, and gyms. Extra space for work and play are at the top of many modern buyers’ lists. With basic homes not cutting it among Venice’s hip, wealthy homebuyers now’s the time to highlight any bit of extra space and functionality in your Venice luxury home.

Smart home integrations

“Smart homes” are among the Venice real estate market’s hippest highlights. Features like high-tech appliances are no longer an exciting bonus — they’ve become the standard. Features like smart lighting and mobile-enabled security have become even more sought after as technology advances. These technological advantages make any home much more appealing to buyers and are likely to pay you a return on investment if you choose to upgrade your Venice home prior to listing it for sale.

Outdoor amenities

Luxury amenities should be available both inside and outside your Venice home. Whether you’re planning to sell your home or enjoy it for years to come, keeping your property in check when it comes to landscaping and outdoor attractions is an important factor in your curb appeal. The last thing any buyer (or neighbor) wants to see is an overgrown and outdated yard space. Before you list your Venice real estate for sale, consider updating your outdoor amenities.

Complete yards

Backyards offer much more than a simple lawn for buyers to consider. Amenities like patios, outdoor kitchens, and swimming pools are all considered during the buying process. Top-tier outdoor amenities near Venice Beach include sports courts, pools, and well-kept, fenced courtyards.
These outdoor features have become just as important as indoor amenities as buyers look for more complete homes for both work and play. Luckily, most Venice homes for sale come with many of these features already — so there’s less upgrading to do when it comes time to list your property.

Property maintenance

Even the newest, “smartest” Venice homes require maintenance. Part of sourcing the right home is also taking a look at its history and how previous owners handled the property. Features like the roof, gutters, and downspouts are all elements buyers look at when it comes to the upkeep of a home.
Some amenities to consider upgrading include a better roof, which is a common feature for buyers to look at before making an offer. The replacement of a roof can be expensive, but you’ll recoup this cost upon closing on your Venice home for sale. Another expensive (but worthwhile) upgrade is new windows, as well as all the functional features of a home that buyers are likely to notice. Regardless of how old your home is, never neglect routine maintenance or the opportunity to improve your home’s energy performance throughout the year.

Location and public amenities

Factors like location and proximity to community spaces are important to different demographics — especially new and growing families. Emphasize the public resources near your Venice home for sale that may appeal to your potential buyers. This includes schools, parks, beaches, and attractions.

Point out nearby community events such as farmer’s markets, as well as grocery stores, transportation, and commercial conveniences. These kinds of bonuses can be just as influential over a buyer’s decision as at-home amenities.

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