6 Best Golf Courses in Mar Vista

March 22, 2024

6 Best Golf Courses in Mar Vista

Mar Vista is a serene suburb with urban convenience and peaceful living. The name Mar Vista translates to "view of the sea" in Spanish. Located 20 minutes from the beach, Mar Vista offers residents a unique opportunity to revel in the soothing breezes and stunning vistas that only Southern California can offer.

The streets of Mar Vista are picturesque, lined with majestic trees. Mid-century modern homes dot the landscape. These homes, many considered Mar Vista, CA luxury homes, exude an aura of elegance and timelessness, making the neighborhood a desirable place to reside.

For golf enthusiasts moving to this suburb, the proximity to some of the most exquisite golf courses in Mar Vista, CA, adds an extra layer of allure to the neighborhood. Whether you're an amateur golfer looking to improve your swing or a seasoned pro seeking new challenges, Mar Vista's surrounding areas boast golfing experiences that cater to every skill level.

Penmar Golf Course

1233 Rose Ave, Venice

Just a 15-minute drive from Mar Vista, the Penmar Golf Course in Venice offers golfers a unique and enjoyable playing experience. This executive-length course is skillfully designed with a mix of six par 4s and three par 3s, providing a variety of challenges that cater to both beginners and experienced golfers. Its thoughtful layout demands strategic play and precision, making every round engaging and rewarding.

Penmar Golf Course has earned accolades for its exceptional design and player experience, notably named the "Best Nine Hole Golf Course" by Los Angeles Magazine. This recognition is a testament to its well-maintained fairways, challenging greens, and overall playability that appeal to golfers of all skill levels.

Penmar also features practice putting greens, allowing golfers to fine-tune their short game before hitting the first tee. These facilities are perfect for warming up or for those who wish to improve their putting skills in a focused and serene environment.

Rancho Park Golf Academy

10460 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles

Situated 11 minutes away from Mar Vista, the Rancho Park Golf Academy provides golf education in Los Angeles. Founded and directed by Golf Teaching Professional Derrick Allen, the founder of the Westside Junior Golf Tour, this academy is dedicated to elevating golfers' game at every level. Derrick Allen's expertise and passion for golf shine through in the academy's comprehensive range of services.

At the heart of Rancho Park Golf Academy's offerings are its private lessons, tailored to meet each student's individual needs and goals. These one-on-one sessions provide personalized instruction that targets specific aspects of the student's game, ensuring noticeable improvement and a deeper understanding of golfing techniques. For younger enthusiasts, the after-school program and golf camps are an excellent opportunity to learn and grow in the sport, fostering skill development and a love for golf.

Furthermore, Rancho Park Golf Academy organizes corporate events, providing a unique and engaging way for businesses to connect and team-build through golf. Recognizing the modern golfer's needs, the academy has also embraced technology by offering online lessons, making expert golf instruction accessible to students regardless of location. This holistic approach ensures that anyone looking to improve their golf game, from Mar Vista and beyond, will find valuable resources and support at Rancho Park Golf Academy.

Rancho Park Golf Course & Driving Range

10460 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles

Rancho Park Golf Course & Driving Range, located just 11-minutes from Mar Vista, is a premier destination for golf enthusiasts. This 18-hole, par 71 championship course has a storied history, having been the venue for 18 Los Angeles Opens and hosting various LPGA and Senior tour events. Its challenging layout and pristine conditions offer a test to golfers of all skill levels, making each round both rewarding and memorable.

Facilities at Rancho Park include a well-appointed clubhouse and a welcoming space for golfers to relax and socialize. The lighted driving range is a highlight, offering players the chance to practice their swing after sunset, while the practice putting greens are perfect for honing your short game before heading out on the course. Rancho Park also offers back-nine play, providing a quicker option for those looking to enjoy a round of golf on a tight schedule.

Venice Golf

34 E Sunset Ave, Venice

Venice Golf, located a mere 15 minutes from Mar Vista, introduces a modern twist to the traditional golfing experience as a semi-private club specializing in indoor golf. This unique venue offers a state-of-the-art indoor golfing experience using golf simulators, which Golf Digest Editors' Choice has recognized as "Best Launch Monitors." These simulators provide an immersive experience, allowing players to chip, putt, and play as if they were on a real course.

The technology at Venice Golf enables players to select from 10 first-rate virtual golf courses, offering a variety of challenges and environments. Whether you want to practice your skills or play a leisurely round with friends, these simulators allow you to finish 18 holes in under an hour. This efficient playtime makes Venice Golf ideal for those looking to squeeze a game into their busy schedules.

With its blend of technology and convenience, Venice Golf provides a cutting-edge golfing experience that caters to both the time-constrained golfer and the tech-savvy enthusiast looking for a new way to enjoy the sport near Mar Vista.

Westchester Golf Course

6900 W Manchester Ave, Los Angeles

Westchester Golf Course, approximately 20 minutes from Mar Vista and near the scenic Westside beaches, is an inviting public golf course that offers a distinctive playing experience for golfers of all levels. This 18-hole, 4,364-yard course is renowned for its engaging layout and the unique challenge it presents to players seeking a memorable round of golf.

One of the most captivating features of Westchester Golf Course is its signature hole, which is distinguished by a large eucalyptus tree positioned in the center of the fairway. This tree is not just a strategic obstacle for golfers but also a home to a family of hawks, adding a touch of natural beauty and wildlife observation to the golfing experience.

A standout offering of Westchester Golf Course is the opportunity for nighttime play, allowing golf enthusiasts to enjoy the game under the stars. Westchester Golf Course provides daily instruction for players looking to improve their game. Whether refining your swing or mastering the mental aspect of golf, the professional instruction available can cater to your needs.

The facility has also recently undergone renovations, boasting a newly renovated driving range. This upgraded space offers an enhanced practice environment for golfers, featuring modern amenities and technology to develop skills.

Fescue Golf Club

12440 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles

Located 10 minutes from Mar Vista, Fescue Golf Club offers a modern twist on the traditional country club experience. This members-only establishment provides an exclusive atmosphere that combines the luxury of golfing with the convenience of modern amenities tailored to meet the needs of today's golfer and professional.

The members-only clubhouse includes a state-of-the-art fitness facility. The club is equipped with Foresight Sports simulators. These high-end simulators offer a realistic golfing experience, enabling members to play on virtual renditions of some of the world's most famous courses, regardless of the weather or time of day.

Fescue Golf Club also caters to its members' social and professional needs with a well-appointed bar & lounge area, providing a relaxed environment for post-game discussions or casual meetings. Additionally, co-working desks are available, making it an ideal spot for members who want to blend productivity with leisure.

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