Top 8 Staycation Destinations Near Beverly Hills

December 1, 2022

Top 8 Staycation Destinations Near Beverly Hills

Experience the allure of Beverly Hills living, renowned as a premier vacation destination. While its fame draws tourists worldwide, locals sometimes take for granted the plethora of attractions right at their doorstep. However, with a pause and reflection, residents can reignite their appreciation for this distinguished area. Why venture far when an LA staycation offers the perfect opportunity to relish in the beauty and luxury close to home? By simply turning typical weekends into delightful retreats, you immerse yourself in Beverly Hills' rich experiences. From upscale dining to boutique shopping and cultural sites, there's no end to what you can explore. The real task? Allocating enough time to savor each unique activity and event that Beverly Hills has to offer.

Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive is always a classic destination, so close by and yet still so full of delights. It may not be out of your usual routine to head down to the luxe boutiques for new designer wares, but this time it’s not an errand. It’s just for fun. Don’t go with any needs in mind. Allow yourself to walk through your favorite shops, take in the colorful wares, and enjoy yourself shopping for new clothes. Every vacation needs a vacation look, and there’s no place like Rodeo Drive to find yours.

Museum hopping

Traveling is all about culture and new experiences. While you know these museums well, when was the last time you sat with their works? A staycation gives you all the time you need to let these museums move you. Spend a day hopping from one location to the next, expanding your mind and uplifting your creative self.

The beautiful old white mansion of The Getty invokes memories of grand museums from around Europe. Walking the manicured gardens and encountering ancient and modern art, you’ll feel as though you’re far away. Fulfill your inner yearning for art, culture, and history. LACMA — The Los Angeles County Museum of Arts — quickly climbed the ranks to one of LA’s major attractions. It’s a cornerstone of the LA art scene and the jewel of museum row. Make the visit all the more exciting with the Friday night exhibits, when the people and the art meld together in libation-fueled festivities.

Ground yourself at the Huntington Library Botanical Garden. After an obligatory enjoyment of the arts and rare books, escape outside to the incredible grounds. Lose yourself in the garden and submerge in nature and life. The 130 acres sprout 16 carefully curated gardens with over 83,000 plants, providing more than a day's worth of adventures.

Incredible dining

Of all the things to do in Beverly Hills, does anything compare to the food you enjoy? Spend the evenings of your staycation re-familiarizing yourself with the best of Beverly Hills restaurants. Sitting beneath a foliage-covered terrace at Baltaire, the sun kisses your skin, and the world fades away as the savory plates envelop your senses.

Reminisce over past Greek vacations best the olive trees at Avra, the best Greek-owned restaurant in town. The flavor’s authenticity and the palace’s ambiance turn a meal into an experience where every bite is savored. Venture a little further out to enjoy a rhythmic beat to your food at Vibrato Grill Jazz. Icon Herb Alpert opened the joint because music and food fortify our very beings. Enjoy the show, and don’t be surprised when the food tantalizes your taste buds.

Bel Air Festival of the Arts

Plan your staycation during one of the city’s annual events and get the best of both worlds. Bel Air Festival of the Arts brings local artists and culinary masters together. Spend the day in the sun, enjoying the warmth and beauty of the city. Discover new favorite foods and add restaurants to your staycation list. Peruse the local community’s artistic creations, and find the perfect souvenir. Art lasts forever and looks a lot better than a keychain.

3rd Street Promenade

3rd Street Promenade’s outdoor market feels like walking through the stone streets of Paris. Cafes line the walkways on either side with ample seating for people-watching or getting lost in a book. Trees sparkle with twinkle lights, providing street musicians a glow on their stage. Cute boutiques abound as gaggles of people wander through the pathways. Pick between an array of fine eateries and casual cafes with gourmet menus.

Santa Monica Pier

Driving by the Santa Monica Pier at night, it’s impossible to miss the Ferris wheel, but how often do you see the view from the top? Normally you may avoid stopping at the pier in aversion to it, seeing it as a tourist destination, but not this time. You’re on a staycation, and vacations are all about experiencing major local attractions. It goes beyond obligation, though. The Pier is simply a wonderful place to have a good time. Find yourself there during Twilight at the Pier and catch the global headliners as they replace the crowd's roar with the sweet melody of their music.

Start or end the day with your feet in the sand and your eyes on the shore. Enjoy the beauty of the beach and the warmth of the sun. Allow the heat to crisp your skin into the perfect vacation tan, and find a cocktail somewhere to sip. It’s your staycation; make it what you want.

Santa Ynez Trail

Topanga Canyon is full of adventures and crafty wares. Drive through the canyon’s twists and turns as trees unfold before you. Find yourself at Santa Ynez Fall Trail, surround yourself with greenery, and merge with the serenity of nature. The 2.5-mile hike follows the creek, shaded by bountiful foliage and cooled by the lapping water. Reach the waterfall as cool droplets cascade from above. Take a moment to cool off and relax in this tranquil haven as the rest of the world fades away. It’s the perfect place to recenter and connect with your inner peace.

Artists and Fleas

Photo courtesy of Artists and Fleas

Artists and Fleas take much less coordination, making it the perfect destination for a last-minute staycation. Twice a month, creators from the LA art scene gather at this vibrant Venice Beach location to share their work and sell their wares. Discover your new favorite artists, update your home’s decor, or dance to the music while surrounded by beauty. There’s a little bit of everything at Artists and Fleas.

While you’re out there, explore the rest of Venice Beach, hit the boardwalk, walk the shops, and dine at the delicious eateries. Take in the sights of Muscle Beach, and don’t leave until you’ve taken a moment for a Venice Beach sunset. These picture-perfect scenes are cornerstones of your future vacation memories.

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